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i absolutely love love those elephants! what is the material? clay?


wow wow wow! congratulations Karin! October is so soon! wonderful! and what a perfect photo for the announcement


oh my goodness! yay! oh october is a great month ;)
that is soon! can you tell us any more details yet about the new one?
yippee! what do your children think of this?


Congratulations! How exciting and cute elephants!

karen c

Oh yay!!!!! How exciting!! Congratulations :) That makes me happy


congratulations!!! :^D)


also, congratulations! i forgot to add this in my love of your 3 little elephants.


Gratuliere von Herzen!
By the way, then you will have to change or to add something to your blog name, don't you? ;-)


Congratulations Karin!! Such great news!!


oh wow how wonderful that is!! congratulations karin!


you are so blessed!
i hope a gentle childbirth for you.
Love the elephants and all they represent...three (the third) is always very special! ;)


what WONDERFUL news!
i am very, very happy for you!


Congratulations!!! I'm soo happy for you:)))


Sasha: The elephants are African, I guesss the material is bast.
Heather: Well, Agnes doesn't probably really understand what this means, though she's talking to me about the baby in my belly. Oskar does look on it from two sides: he's happy and sometimes a little bit thinking about what this will mean for him.
Magdalena: yes, the blog name.
I will think about it.


Oh, my! What exciting news, Karin!! October really isn't too far away either...


WOW!!! That is fantastic news....3 little ones for you!!!
Congratulations and enjoy the next 4 months of your pregnancy.
Beautiful photo for this wonderful news. x


Wauuww:) Congratulations. And October is such a beautiful month. All the best from here to your belly:)) Such wonderful news.


WoW! Congratulations!! This is a fantastic new. I'm very happy for you.

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