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This is a beautiful post of images Karin. I am very curious about your collaboration on the study of power lines. That will be an amazing collection I am sure!
I hope you and the plushies feel well soon, so you can draw, take pictures, and share more with us! :)

Design for Mankind

Oh, moleskines! Jealousy!!!!!

amanda e-j

Just found your blog via Camilla's so I thought I'd say hello! Don't you love the promise of fresh notebooks for a new year? I do!

All the best for a wonderful 2008!


looking forward to your new project. love the power lines, i do!


oh no. sorry to hear that you (and the family) are sick. (me too, sadly enough).
Gute Besserung!

Yes, yes! I am excited about the powerline project. We'll have to start dreaming up ideas soon!

First, let's get better. And drink lots of tea!


Wishing you a wonderful 2008!


Oh joy, I have a bit of an artistic powerlines fetish. I have whole books of drawings, graphics, sketches of powerlines from my travels. there's just something about them isn't there, they are like line drawing in the sky, especially when teh sin is rising or setting. and the beauty when a bird sits on one, or many birds.

glad heather (smith jones) linked to you so I can try to keep track as your project develops.


hi karin!

nice blog :)

you can't get enough of those moleskines... so lovely

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