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your house is amazing, I love the fox on that green wall..and that medicine box.


Hi there, I love the image of the black and white photo resting on top of the pale green/grey telephone. It's really simple and quite beautiful!


what fun to see what's on your walls and get another sneak peek at your lovely house! i saw your hands over on Esti's blog. so nice!


Thanks for the links.
It's been my pleasure to have your hands included in this project.


So nice to see your walls Karin...So many walls all over the blogs blogs these days...hihi ;)


hi karin, thanks for the tag!ill just photographed my wall and will blog about it later:) your walls are so full of colour and happy!especially love the first pic.

mette/ungt blod

-your walls are wonderful btw


how exciting to see your walls - I can see you have a lot of creative play going on in your home!


your walls are wonderful.
walls are always more exciting with small children around : )

heather smith jones

i like your clusters of things, and then the space. also the pops of color in the beautiful seas of white.
it's so nice to see this karin :)


ein sehr schönes Zuhause :)


So great to see what hangs on your walls... lovely views of tiny worlds and sweet still-life arrangements.

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