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Oh, thank you :))!


Oh, thank you so much :))!


i'm always here, even when i don't talk. ;^)


Well the whole blogging business is a tough one. I think that lots of people simply aren't in the habit of leaving comments. It's a new skill to learn. Hey, we are the TV generation - and you don't comment to the TV do you? Well, maybe you do : )
I think that it's a new type of sharing and lots of people are still learning how to do it. I know I am!
Karin, you really are one in a million. I don't think that there are many people who are as generous with their comments as you are!
This photo, today, is puts me under a spell - it's nearly intoxicating. I so love it!


"an idea of blue". I love that :)


I love the space age quality of that antennae rising high above the little tree antennae. Also love your building facade series, the color combinations are really interesting.

I ask myself the same questions regarding blogging, who is out there that I have never exchanged words with but are reading mine? It took me a very long time to overcome my shyness online and speak up. Sometimes I still hesitate, so I don't dwell on it too much.

Marie-Louise Sundqvist

It´s hugely difficult to pursue a discussion on English but I want to try. Moreover, the wonderful is that is easy to take part of all pictures and photos. I like your blog actually!

Andrea Tachezy

Karin, I enjoy all comments too and I am looking forward every day to read them. But I am also one of the people, who sometimes doesn´t leave a comment. Sometimes I like the post, but don´t have right words to tell something. On some blogs I am also a little bit ashamed of my English.I admire mansuetude, how brilliant she can use the words.
krist: occasionally I do comment the TV and radio too :-)


Thank you, Karin!


Im not sure I have commented on your blog before but I read it regularly -even though its a boring way of doing it bloglines is a good service :)
I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago, and was wondering whether I would care if anybody sees my blog -but I do! the blogosphere is a lovely feeling of undefined community -you don't have to be a member or show up at a certain time, you can just look or you can comment, and still it is clear how much bloggers inspire each others..


Thank you for the award!! I am so glad you enjoy the site. xoxoJulia


Andrea: you're sweet. I didn't mean the people who don't leave every time they visit a comment, I don't do this either :) but those who never do.
Kristi: well, perhaps, it's like with the tv for some readers, just a passive thing. But I'm curious. This blog is quite personal and private in some parts (that's my own decision of course) and I just like to know a little bit whom I'm talking to.
Mette: Nice to meet you :) and you are right, it's very very inspiring!


I love the photo! Had to go to flickr immediately to make it a favourite. Being quite new to blogging, I must admit that I still suffer a bit from online shyness sometimes ... Feels safe in here, though!Thank you for always being so generous with comments and interesting viewpoints yourself!


It's hard to comment on every post- probably impossible (I didn't think that was what you meant, though). But I do read my favorite blogs just about every day.

Sometimes the subject(or the link, or the picture) brings so much to mind, it's hard to pare it down to a short comment.

Sometimes, it brings to mind something that would lead to leaving a personal comment and many don't feel comfortable doing that.

I agree with Kristi- it's a new skill for many. But not because it's the TV generation- it's a new form of communication.

And I know I felt a little funny about leaving a comment before I had a blog (though now that I have one, I realize I shouldn't have).

(Or, maybe they get a bunch of texts and a few phone calls while they are writing up a comment...and just about give up.)

I'll be back to look at the blogs (your links and in the comments).

And, by the way, like Andrea, I talk to the TV and the radio. Well, at them. :)


Thank you karin for this wonderful links!
I love the work of Roberta Gorni and the blog "Una merienda, por favor"! The blogs are always so generous… Have a nice day.


Thank you for new interesting links!

Yes, I'm also curious who is actually reading. Think the feeling is connected to putting yourself and part of your life so visible to others, complete strangers out there somewhere.

Like first day at a new job, when I started blogging it was so comforting to find a friendly comment. After that, the first unfriendly was a shock, and reminded me of being careful with my words.

Comments can be helpful, clarifying my own thoughts. Commenting others can also set my mind in motion, that is great. But I must be observant with myself, not making the blogosphere a place to feed my ego, that's contraproductive.

I don't always comment, but I really do try with blogs I read regularly.


Hi Bibbi, I really like what you wrote here. You're absolutely right: the comments can set my mind in motion too and most of the comments kind of feed the ego, cause they are friendly!! But I think the most important function they have (for me at least) is talking to eachother and about the post. That's a possibility to have contact with those you are writing for and to let this space be less anonymous.

camilla Engman

I rarely leave comments. I leave them in my head. Everybody else says everything so much better. Maybe I can surf around behind Bibbi, just cut and paste her comments as my own ;)


Oh, hi Camilla,
very nice to see you here!

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