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Debi van Zyl

ooo this is a good one! thanks for the tag...
p.s. I love your work table with the lovely semi-circle cut into it. I will complete my tag soon and tag some more.


Thank you so much karin! I love your charming desk, the old radio too and the little drawers underneath…
so beautiful light on the second photo,
I happen to work on the floor and my workshop is absolutely messy like you but I'm used to work in this kind of jumble… ;-)
good night, sweet and creative dreams! :)


Very nice space. I like the way it looks, very much. I dislike a clinical look in the home, or in a creative workspace.

And I'm glad to see this place- the birthplace of my favorite earrings:


joanna goddard

ooh, what a nice workspace xo


Your workplace is really charming!

Andrea Tachezy

Thank you for the tag!Just help me with the rules - this is my small premiere.
You have perfect working table,i like it.
I have the same feeling, with the bed. But I don´t like, when I forget all the perfect
ideas till the morning come.
your earrings are so lovely!
Corals are my favorits


I like your desk!


Andrea, that's the problem with these ideas, you're right. I have an extra "nightbook", a notebook where I can notice or draw them, but normally I'm too tired to really do this.
About the tag: If you like to play along you answer my question on your blog with photo and text and then you can tag yourself other people with your own question - something you'd like to know and they answer and so on.


Tag received and thankfully accepted!
You have a nice work place, peaceful it seems.

Andrea Tachezy

Thank you Karin.Of course I am going to play!I am looking forward and already thinking about it!
Last guestion - I thought, that I shall use your question?


Andrea, that's true, that's how tagging normally works and of course you can do this and ask the same question. In this tagging series it was started by Ashley Rose Helvey, I guess, to make every time a new question, what I find very nice.
You can do it as you like :)

Andrea Tachezy

Thank you, thank you, now is everything clear!


such a great, creative space you have karin. thank you for the tag - I'll get onto it this weekend!

kate neckel

thanks for tagging me :)
i'll try to get something up this weekend!



they're not my earrings yet- I've shown them to my husband- let's see now...;)

Karin: OK to borrow the picture of the Little Pink Rabbit to show on my blog? I didn't have a good light today- want to show correct color.


Hi j,
you can borrow the rabbit of course! Would be very nice :)


oh, that is a lovely studio space you have, Karin!


what a cozy workingspace you have! I agree with you; the bed is important for creativity! Also I get the best ideas when I should sleep, so it's good to have a sketchbook next to the bed.


hi karin, what a pretty work area! will try to post about something special soon. maybe next weekend if i don't have too much homework. ;-) have a good week!


Wow, I'm really enjoying seeing your work space and imagining you drawing the 'woman in front of her house' on the floor by your cozy stove. Your studio is a creative and thoughtful place, thanks for letting us in.


what a wonderfully warm space you've shared, love the little orange stove.

I had to laugh when you mention the bed as one of your important creative spaces, sometimes I have a really hard time sleeping for all of the ideas and I have to get up to write them down so they'll leave me alone :/

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